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At Micasa Sustainable stewardship of the earth’s resources, Community and innovation are a few of our core beliefs. We know that our farmers play a pivotal role in every aspect of Sustainability and Community. Our hope would be to offer bespoke solutions that will improve the operations, guarantee ROI with added lifestyle benefits.

 We make your operational savings our business and therefore do a proper in-depth study to understand your operation and to determine where the best savings will be.

We are product and Brand Neutral – which means you get the benefit of us sourcing only the best suited equipment for the specific application.

We are also non-biased to any specific technology so as to give our clients the best solutions for their needs.

Our Methodology

Energy Independence Achieved 

Long Term Relationship and Support  

Our Solutions for Agricultural Clients

Solar PV

  • Scalable Solar PV Systems
  • Energy generation
  • Monitoring
  • Storage Solutions
  • Management & Automation Systems
  • Service & Maintenance

Water Solutions

  • Agricultural water pumping
  • Water heating heating
  • Consumption reduction
  • Management & Automation Systems
  • Service & Maintenance

Lighting Solutions

  • Energy consumption audit
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Consumption reduction
  • Industrial & Commercial LED lighting
  • Service & Maintenance

Our most recent Projects

Benguela Cove

266kWp 329MWh production annually

Home 28 kWp 48.7MWh production annually

Katrivier Commercial Farm

64kWp SOLAR PV energy solution  with 114mwh production annually

Mont Reeve

137kWp 200.4MWh production annually

Service and Maintenance Support  

Long Term Support for Energy Solutions

We remain invested in the solutions we provide to clients by offer-

ing post-installation support on all systems installed.

We even support and maintain energy systems that we have not installed.

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