Micasa AI (Artifical inteligence) is the centre point and glue between the Micasa smart solutions, like energy, water, safety and security, as well as comfort and control. Partnered with this powerful software, we also have a controller equipped for specific applications inside our solutions. This dynamic and totally programmable device is also open for future developments. 


Micasa AI was created with a specific vision and the driving factors were:

  1. Optimised solar PV production through automated dynamic load management
  2. Smart peak control, used to cut back the amount of power taken from the main grid in various circumstances
  3. Load management during power interruptions, managing the system for what is most important
  4. Smart water management, which automatically controls change-overs between various sources of water supply
  5. Automated notifications of maintenance requirements to your water system
  6. Monitoring and reporting;
  7. Energy budgeting and management, partnered with automated notifications
  8. Automated safety and security notifications
  9. Simplification to the user, with Micasa AI automatically doing all the work for you
  10. No compromise of life quality, just smarter management of your resources
  11. Peace of mind, being able to know what is happening when it is important
  12. Automated load priority management for total off-the-grid solutions


  • Powerful, easy-to-use, single-app control for cameras, door locks, sensors, thermostats and other home automation and security devices (sold separately)
  • Creates custom scenes and sequences, using a smartphone, tablet or computer for control and setup
  • Provides home or small business security, energy savings and peace of mind
  • Compatible with 1200 + devices from most major brands (Z-Wave Plus and Wi-Fi wireless connections)
  • One-touch control of your entire system
  • See and control your system from any smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world
  • Wireless communications, making installation easy in any home or small business
  • Easy, intuitive setup with simple Q&A format, making adding devices later easy to do with preconfigured settings for most devices
  • WPS easy push button pairing for Wi-Fi devices
  • Local control in your home or office, without any issues of latency, even when internet connection is down
  • System still operates when internet is down
  • Geofencing—the system can know who is arriving or leaving based on cell phone location


  • Advanced occupancy sensing, push notifications, and creation of custom automation scenes where one device triggers another—or use time of day, sunrise/sunset, or other triggers to control lights, door locks, thermostats, etc.
  • Receive notifications when residents come home, employees arrive or leave, water is detected in the basement, smoke detector is triggered, or when anything else happens that you should be aware of
  • Integrated help available at every step of installation and operation, with contextual help based on the activity, plus detailed documentation on our support site
  • You can choose from over 300 apps from independent (third party) developers.
  • Improved access control with simple PIN management—give everyone in your household (or small business) their own codes for locks and system access
  • Convenience – With one touch at night-time, for example, you can lock doors, shut off lights, change the thermostat and set the alarm system, or arrive home and have the lights on and thermostat adjusted automatically;
  • Keep Tabs – Check that kids arrive home safely, watch your small business when you’re away, make sure an elderly relative is safe, or keep an eye on the garage.
  • Security – Micasa AI can provide all the features of a traditional security alarm system, plus you can add even more peace of mind from safety devices such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Add cameras, door locks, door/window sensors, and alarms for pro-level security
  • Text/Email Alerts – Receive an email or text when the kids get home safely, or when your basement gets wet.


Micasa AI was originally developed for optimizing solar power systems in the South African context, and we now stand with a product that we can plug into various inverters to optimize your power production.

The cost of electricity is rising all the time, and fees and tariffs in South Africa aren’t beneficial for home owners. Knowing this, it is becoming more and more essential to optimize photovoltaic (PV) system performance. Most PV systems, whether hybrid (with battery back-up for power outages) or connected to the grid, are not producing to full potential; this is due to production and consumption profiles not matching. Micasa AI manages non-intrusive energy loads (like appliances) with the aim to use as much renewable energy as possible, thereby reducing the energy drawn from the grid. With our Micasa VP (Variable Power) Box we optimize solar power even more through dumping excess power into water tanks, optimizing the solar plant.

This is all done by Micasa AI. As it becomes the manager of pool and heat pumps, geysers and any other appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and tumble dryers, Micasa AI prioritizes the energy source as renewable energy. Many well-known brands work with hardware that beautifully integrates with Micasa AI. 


What sets us apart is our system setup based on your needs, being able change settings over time as you need it. Here is a practical example:

Say you have a swimming pool pump that you want to be powered by renewable energy, like solar power. With Micasa, you can have time settings on your swimming pool pump that can be changed easily. If the weather predictions show that it will be a cloudy morning, you can delay the time at which the pump will turn on. In the morning, there is generally potential energy not being used, so weather-related settings can be over-ridden, and the pool pump switched on. If other appliances in the house are switched on (like a dishwasher) and the system starts drawing power from the grid, Micasa AI will enable you to temporarily switch the pool pump off. All this means managing different loads in your home, and so using all potential energy from the PV system. In the end, the goal is to keep from using grid power when solar power is available. Our aim is to get your consumption and energy production to be equal as far as possible while the sun is shining, making sure all potential, renewable energy is used. If it is an extremely rainy week without a lot of solar power, Micasa AI will make sure that water quality is maintained and grid power is utilized; we don’t compromise comfort, we aim to improve it.


Micasa is the only fully integrated and automated solar and load management solution in South Africa.