Micasa offers various energy solutions, all capable of being integrated via Micasa AI. Some solutions include energy management and budgeting, efficiency, energy generation and monitoring, as well as  storage solutions. 

With the Micasa Energy PortalTM, you have total control over your energy management. You have access to  automated peak control and smart usage notifications, ensuring your energy usage doesn’t exceed your expected/budget consumption. 

Features include: 

Configuring your house to switch off lights, devices, appliances and more, based on various conditions and scenarios

Monitoring and setting maximum power usage per power outlet (or device), ensuring you stay within budget. This is extremely valuable if on peak charges

Managing high-power consumers remotely, ensuring they are only used when required

Setting your house up to manage power and appliances based on sunrise and sunset times for your location

Managing batteries to optimize their performance in an integrated environment


Our expertise and capabilities in controlling energy loads make us a valuable addition in new building developments. We are able to manage the peak energy usage of each house, and see the total peak at any time, enabling us to downsize the incoming power to each house (60A incomer can be downsized to 40A, for example ). This can have a huge impact on the cost of transformers, as well as upgrades and cable sizing.

Energy efficiency refers to using less energy to provide the same service. Our energy solutions carry this principle to solutions for better water heating, lighting, and much more. 

Water heating accounts for the highest portion of energy usage in homes, an issue we help you remedy with the use of systems like solar geysers or heat pumps. Lighting, however, contributes to the highest electrical usage in commercial buildings. Through Micasa AITM, you have access to efficient and effective use of lighting, offering major energy and cost savings. We also help you replace any old lights with highly efficient alternatives (like LED lights), if economically viable, as well as tailor made solutions based on your needs.

Using before and after data, we use Micasa Energy PortalTM to monitor the success of energy interventions.

Through automated dynamic load management, we optimize energy generation from the sun with Micasa smart cost saver solar PV solutions. We have online monitoring of our systems, where you can view real-time consumption with differentiated views on solar and grid supply through our live Micasa-Energy PortalTM. Energy Reports can be customized, should our client have specific goals. Data can also be exported for those clients wanting to run with their own analysis.

Micasa is the only fully integrated and automated solar and load management solution in South Africa.