Imagine walking into your home or office with lighting and temperature perfectly adjusted, just the way you like it, with your favourite music playing in the background. With Micasa, you can configure, control and monitor your home, business or farm from anywhere in the world, with one-touch access from multiple devices. 


Configure your house to react with just one touch. With a single, elegant touch screen or tablet, you can control your television, home entertainment system and much, much more. We pre-configure infrastructure based on different “events” and “scenarios”, and our home automation is setup for your unique needs and can be adjusted at any time.

With Micasa AI, your home can automatically react to temperature changes, weather and more. Control air conditioning or window blinds, depending on temperature or time of day, or configure your home to switch lights on or off based on your movement around the house. Have your garden water itself, controlled by rain sensors, weather forecasts, using stored or collected rain water.

We provide you with access to the latest, simple to use technology. Micasa AI is compatible with both iOS and Android, as well as Mac and windows, capable of running on a tablet, smartphone, remote control, touchpad, or touch screen. We also provide you with access to a helpful support line, ready to assist any with additions, configurations or technical support that you may need. 

Design your dream home, office or farm with Micasa AI. 

Micasa is the only fully integrated and automated solar and load management solution in South Africa.