Micasa SmartCom partner with commercial clients to become their partner in managing commercial infrastructure smartly. With our Micasa AI TM the issue with integration between various systems is taken care-off, as Micasa AI is the glue between key services of a building being water, energy , safety, security and comfort.

With having Micasa AI on board the building can be setup as per clients request and due to our Smart technology, it can truly be tailormade to owner requirements. On existing infrastructure and systems, we work with our clients to analyse how existing infrastructure can be utilized and how we can integrate that with our systems.

We become the billing agent. Our systems are live, no need for people collecting data from meters as with us this is all automatic.

For estate developers Micasa AI is a powerful solution. Due to Micasa AI being in communication with each property, we use this position to optimize the power usage of an entire estate, this is what we call a Micasa Smart Village. As we know the consumption and generation of each house we have the ability to optimize renewable power generation as we can switch non-intrusive loads based on live scenes and scenarios (all automated). The aim is to use as much renewable energy with the result of being less grid dependant and to sell as little as possible energy to the grid due to the weak feed-in tariffs (makes more financial sense to rather use the energy than selling it back).

Smartcom sub image

When it comes to peak tariffs, we can create saving as we have the ability to switch of non-intrusive appliance without compromising the quality of life of any resident. The reason being that we have communications with various loads / appliances. A simple example (to illustrate the intelligence) is that we know the water temperatures of each tank, therefor we can switch of heat-pumps or geyser element during peak tariffs on the houses that are not using hot water or where the temperatures are high, all done with a dynamic automated process. This is just one example, we can manage peak with various other processes.