Micasa integrates with most well-known IP camera and alarm systems, being able to configure electrical devices to react to a security breach. A simple example of this is switching lights on if security beams are breached.

With our smart security system, your home is able to identify you and keep you safe before you’ve even opened the front door.  By connecting to your smart phone, your home can activate settings made just for you, turning on lights or unlocking doors. There are endless ways that you can use Micasa AITM to manage a variety of electrical equipment, tailor-made to your needs where it is possible.

Micasa AI uses dynamic intelligence, acting according to real-life scenarios. For example, if you’re on holiday, you can use your smart device to trigger random activity in your home, creating the effect that your house is occupied.


If you’re an owner or general manager of a building, our system can assist you in the safety and risk management of any house, building or farm. With Micasa AI, you get 24/7 live feedback from appliances such as energy and water meters, smoke detectors, motion sensors , flood sensors, shock and vibrations sensors, CO detection (which safeguard against carbon monoxide poisoning), and digital thermometers.

For example, a flood sensor can pick up moisture around a tank or geyser, which is the first sign it is reaching the end of its life cycle. You will immediately be notified, allowing you to respond before disaster strikes. This is helpful for building owners managing the risk of unsuspected geyser bursts, and it is just one example of many other applications.

We have access to different meters that can assist to manage various risks. We can advise you on where to place meters and how this can be implemented to mitigate risk in general. You also have access to 24/7 information and reporting, set up as per your input or application. Our systems are monitored live, with data responding near real time.



Micasa is the only fully integrated and automated solar and load management solution in South Africa.