The availability of water is a problem we are all faced with, both in South Africa and in our world. South Africa is classified as a semi-arid country, and is currently the 30th driest country in the world. Predictions are, that by 2025, South Africa will form part of the “extreme scarcity” category, and the cost associated with water will also increase as water becomes less available.

To be part of the solution that manages our precious resource well, Micasa, in partnership with Aquaffection, have developed solutions to help you save water. Our solutions include reduced consumption and monitoring, municipal water backup systems, supplementary water sources, and management systems. With our AquaAI TM range, we enable you to monitor, control and manage multiple sources of water in a sustainable and responsible way.


Very few people actually know how much water goes into a bath, a flushing toilet, a car wash, or even filling up your swimming pool. By measuring water consumption, we are able to manage it and become aware of the amount of water applied to certain services. Having an analog water metering system that only takes snapshots of water consumption, and that leaves us with little or no real information at hand, we often fill in the gaps without actually knowing the facts.

Leak detection and management is crucial for water conservation. So, by reacting proactively on water leaks instead of the consequences of a leak, a consistently high water-utility bill can be avoided. Our electronic remote system monitors on-site water consumption, keeping you updated on flow, abnormal usage, and even pressure drops.


There are quite a few ways, without changing your lifestyle, to reduce the average water consumption of your home or facility. As some areas in our country are already facing water restrictions, with other areas quickly following suit, it is crucial to safe every drop. In big facilities with high water usage, installing and managing water pressure and leakages, and modifying water utilities like toilets to use less water with each flush is a very sensible option. In households, supplementary water sources like rainwater harvesting, grey water systems for irrigation, and swimming pool backwash harvesting to use again in your swimming pool are all cost effective and easy to use.


Because rainfall is often unpredictable, having water tanks and other water storage systems available is immensely useful. When utilized well, it is a source of water that will supplement your existing water sources. This is not just to your own advantage, but also to the advantage of our infrastructure, economy and environment.


It is also a valuable effort to recycle pool backwash water. Our device receives water normally thrown away through a swimming pool backwash process, which is toxic to plants (especially from salt water pools) and unwanted in storm water drains. The kit consists of a water chamber, into which, before backwashing, flocculent (supplied by Micasa) is added. After 24 hours, this water can be safely returned to the pool.



With water restrictions present for many, the availability of water becomes a factor we all have to deal with. Facilities like hospitals, schools, and old age homes, as well as industries where water is vital cannot go without water during any part of the day. Because of this, having a municipal water backup ready becomes a necessity. This entail a water storage vessel and a water pump, based on water usage. The municipal feed to your household or facility will be redirected to the storage vessel, before it goes into you main water supply.

We have a system that is configurable, with manual override settings, for almost any possible scenario.
Our management system enables you to harvest water and distribute water for consumption, fully integrated with municipal backup, storage and filtration units, delivering uninterrupted, pressurised water to any facility.


Due to intense pressure to supply the demand, water sources and treatment plants may diminish in the quality of water they supply. However, our five-stage water filtration system helps you have high quality water on-site and on-demand. With it, you are able to clean water of dust particles to a one-micron level, as well as bacteria and micro-organisms.

Micasa is the only fully integrated and automated solar and load management solution in South Africa.