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Water - Key Resource for Life

The availability of water is a problem we are all faced with, both in South Africa and in our world. South Africa is classified as a semi-arid country, and is currently the 30th driest country in the world. Predictions are, that by 2025, South Africa will form part of the “extreme scarcity” category, and the cost associated with water will also increase as water becomes less available.

To be part of the solution that manages our precious resource well, Micasa, in partnership with Aquaffection, have developed solutions to help you save water. Our solutions include reduced consumption and monitoring, municipal water backup systems, supplementary water sources, and management systems. With our AquaAI TM range, we enable you to monitor, control and manage multiple sources of water in a sustainable and responsible way.

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Water Heating

Understanding our clients needs and engineering a scalable and sustainable solution.

Solar PV Water heating

Solar PV systems – Elon 100

Water Management

Our Solutions include automated systems to manage Energy generation and system-grid integration 

Service & Maintenance

Our after sales care, service and Maintenance of our (and other) products and systems make us unique in the market

Service and Maintenance Support  

Long Term Support for Energy Solutions

We remain invested in the solutions we provide to clients by offer-

ing post-installation support on all systems installed.

We even support and maintain energy systems that we have not installed.

Client Testimonials

“From 4700 units billed by Eskom per month to 163 units in credit per month. Thank you Micasa!”


Chrisjan Burger

Owner, Katrivier Farms

“From the system design, through to the installation and maintenance – Micasa has been more than efficient in solving my energy requirements”

Wayne Allen

Owner, Residential

“Micasa has been an incredible partner in creating sustainable energy solutions for our clients that exceed governments regulations for new developments”


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