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Solar Energy Solutions for Industry

Solar Energy Solutions for the Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural Sectors and Residential developments. Our Solar Energy Solutions are Integrated Smart and Sustainable and include Solar PV Panels, Battery Back-up, Solar Water Heating, and LED Lighting solutions 

Commercial & Industrial Solar solutions

Commercial & Industrial Solar

Micasa partners with commercial & industrial clients to measure, design and implement sustainable energy solutions to save costs and ensure continuity of productivity.


Agricultural Solar

Farmers play a pivotal role in every aspect of Sustainability and Community. We offer bespoke solutions that will improve the operations, guarantee ROI with added lifestyle benefits.

Residential Developments

We work with developers to design and create compliant “Smart”  Estates.  Developers can rest assured that we have the expertise, manpower and experience required to create the most reliable solution for the development’s energy saving needs.

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About Us

We thrive on offering our clients the smartest solutions for their energy needs. Our business is built by partnering with our clients to determine, design, implement and maintain the best energy saving solution for their particular application.

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Our Solutions

Solar PV

  • Scalable Solar PV Systems
  • Energy generation
  • Monitoring
  • Storage Solutions
  • Management & Automation Systems
  • Service & Maintenance

Water Solutions

  • Industrial water heating
  • Compliancy solutions
  • Consumption reduction
  • Management & Automation Systems
  • Service & Maintenance

Lighting Solutions

  • Energy consumption audit
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Consumption reduction
  • Industrial & Commercial LED lighting
  • Service & Maintenance

Our most recent Projects

Commercial & Industrial

Benguela Cove Wine Estate 

266kWp, 400kVA diesel generator integration.

The final solution offsets 40% of electicity consumption & protects the winery from load shedding.



64KWP SOLAR PV energy solution  with 114mwh production anually

Residential Developments

 Retirement Estate

  Over 300 Elon100 Solar PV DC water heating systems installed and Maintained

Client Testimonials

“From 4700 units billed by Eskom per month to 163 units in credit per month. Thank you Micasa!”


Chrisjan Burger

Owner, Katrivier Farms

“From the Solar PV system design, through to the installation and maintenance – Micasa has been more than efficient in solving my energy requirements”

Wayne Allen

Owner, Residential

“Micasa has been an incredible partner in creating sustainable energy solutions for our clients that exceed governments regulations for new developments”


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